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Lighthouse Reef and Blue Hole

Great Blue Hole, Belize

Belize is well known for scuba diving with cayes (islands) and atolls dotting almost the entire length of its coastline. Today we mention just a few of those in honor of our Canoe Sponsor, Patriot Scuba.

Lighthouse Reef is one of the farthest atolls from Belize's coast, lying some 50 miles offshore. Despite the distance, it is also one of the most visited, thanks in no small measure to Blue Hole National Monument, which sits roughly at its center. This natural wonder is a giant sinkhole, the offshore equivalent of the cenotes that dot the landscape of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and Belize. Made famous by Jacques Cousteau, Blue Hole is a popular dive site, with a diameter of 1,000 feet and an estimated depth in excess of 400 feet. Below a sheer-sided wall of more than 100 feet where divers can swim beneath an undercut and observe stalactites above as well as a wide variety of marine life.

Of course, Lighthouse Reef provides but one of many numerous diving and water sport opportunities in Belize. In the northern and southern cayes, as well as Turneffe Atoll, the visitor can avail themselves of diving, snorkeling, kayaking, wind and kite surfing, fishing, hiking, bird watching, or just hanging out on the beach. Interested in planning a trip to Belize that includes scuba diving? Then please check out our Canoe Sponsor, Patriot Scuba.

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