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The Occoquan Tourism Company

2022 OCQ River Paddle Challenge

Thank you for participating in the 2022 OCQ River Paddle Challenge.  I have already received great feedback and suggestions from a number of you, but to formally solicit feedback for improvements and preferences for implementation at next year's event, I'd like to encourage you to take a few moments to complete the survey below.  There are 9 questions.  If I receive your completed survey by 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 18, you will be entered into a drawing to receive a refund of your entry fee for this year's race.  Thank you again for participating and I look forward to seeing many of you at future events.  Earnie

Assume for the first two venue questions below that there will be a much larger, directly-accessible floating dock in town for water entry and if any shuttling is required, the shuttle will bring you directly to the check-in location (unlike the case this year).

Venue Question 1 - 
Holding the event in town during Occoquan's spring RiverFest/Craft Show presented some logistical challenges (with which you were all very patient).  If the event is held in conjunction with RiverFest in the future, the races could instead be located at a park across the river.  The park location would provide ample parking, a large grassy area for craft storage, and beach/boat ramp launch access.  However, although there is a cafe in the park, there would not be a waterfront bar or eatery, and no direct access to the RiverFest/Craft Show.  Under those circumstances, would you prefer the event remain in the town or be held in the park?

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Venue Question 2 - Assume that the choice of venue is between holding the event at the park across the river during the RiverFest/Craft Show or in the Town on a different Saturday than the RiverFest/Craft Show.  The latter would enable parking in the lots near the launch site (i.e. no shuttling necessary) and still provide access to waterfront bars, dining, etc.  Which location would you prefer under those circumstances -- town or park?

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Events Question 1 - Assume issues related to venue above are addressed to your satisfaction.  Would you be interested in seeing a larger number of different events on the same day on a set schedule, such as a "stock sprint", an individual time-trial slalom course, and a kids race?  This has been suggested by a town resident as a basis for making the river races a focus of a separate day of events in town that spectators would be encouraged to attend.

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Events Question 2 - Participant tracking used body markers this year.  Would you prefer to have the option to use a bib instead?

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Course Question 1 - Did you encounter hazards of any sort on the course that significantly concerned you (e.g. boat traffic, people fishing, etc.)?

Course Question 2 - The plan is to use much larger floating buoy markers next year.  That issue aside, in general, how satisfied were you with the course (you will be able to elaborate on this if you wish in the final text field at the end of the survey)?

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Food/Amenities Question 1 - Madigan's Waterfront Restaurant was pleased that a number of you stayed and drank/ate after the race.  Wherever the event is held in the future, would you prefer preplanned food or a dollar amount voucher for any items on the menu?

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Food/Amenities Question 2 - If it was built into the ticket price would you want a shirt, sticker, or other item for participation in the event?

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Other - Please use the space below to amplify any of your answers above and/or make other suggestions.

*Necessary for entry in drawing.

Thank you for participating in the survey!

Thanks for submitting!

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